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Special Presentations:
(May Open in New Tab or Window)

Required Corporate Compliance & HIPAA training (On Healthstream LMS)
Login using your Employee Number not your Moodle Login

Surviving an Active Shooter - by LA County Sheriff Department
(Opens in a new window - No Login Required!)

Safe Injection Practices (Required for ALL clinical staff - Physicians, Nursing, and Ancillary)

2014 Ebola Screening & Management at RCRMC (No Login Required)

2014 Ebola the Re-Emerging Virus RCRMC Grand Rounds Presentation

2014 Care Progression Meetings: Multidisciplinary, Goal-directed, Teamwork in managing patient care

2014 Blood Management Initiative: Evidence-based management of blood and blood product transfusion provides better patient outcomes and improved utilization of out limited blood supply.
2015 Blood Management Update

Clinical Research Presented by Dr Lo from UCR

Community Based Participatory Research - Greer Sullivan

Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue in Healthcare
Dr Farshidpanah & Dr Fargo

Patient Care Orientation
Click for Patient Care Orientation
Click for Registry Travel Orientation
Nursing Students & Faculty Pre-Clinical Orientation: Click Here

Detention Health Services Online Patient Care Orientation Click Here

2015 / 2016 Resident Physician and Medical Student Orientation
Resident Physician & Medical Student OrientationClick Here to Begin

Reference Material:

2016 National Patient Safety Goals New
Physician Resource Manual
Providers Referral Management Policy and Guidelines Updated
CPOE Quick Refresher for Physicians and Providers
Review the Bard SureStep Foley Tray System (Opens in New Tab or Window)

Special Linked Courses
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Center for Advancement of Palliative Care
NIHSS Stroke Scale Certification
NDNQI National Pressure Ulcer Training
Brain Death Declaration Webinar

Frequently Used Courses:
2015 Annual Employee Training
2015 PHYSICIAN-PROVIDER Reappointment Updates (For Physician and Providers)
2015 Mandatory Compliance Training for Practitioners (For Initial Appointment)
2015 Hand Hygiene Update
2015 Age Specific Training Update
2015 Blood-borne Pathogen Update
2015 Universal Protocol Time-Out Training
2015 Patient Observation Requirements
Moderate or Deep Sedation Online Course
Cultural Diversity
Documenting Pediatric Resuscitation
: Using the 2014 Peds Code Sheet
ECG Cardiac Rhythm Tutorial

ECG-Maven 12-Lead Self-assessment tutorial
(Presented by Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - opens in new window or tab)

Pyxis Tutorial for Nursing

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Course categories

2016 American Heart and NRP Class Schedules
Accu-Chek Point of Care Glucose Testing2
Adult Critical Care Units15

2014 ACCU Courses
Annual Age Specific Training5
Annual Compliance Training2
Arlington Behavioral Health2
Annual Employee Training1
Birthing Center11
Chemotherapy Updates4
Clinical Research Topics
Contract Staff Orientation8

2014 Patient Care Orientation8
Continuing Education for CNAs
Continuing Education for Nurses9
Correctional Health Care Services5

2014 Correctional Health Care Services
Culture, Diversity, and Sensitivity3

Expired or Inactive Courses1
Diabetes Education3
Emergency Department6
Employee Forums
General Patient Care Courses29
Hospital Grand Rounds3
Hospital Skills Day

Arlington Skills Day3

2014 October Skills Day4

2013 October Skills Days8

2012 October Skills Day3
Infection Control13
Management of Assaultive Behavior2
Med-Surg Units3
Moderate or Deep Sedation Online Course3
Moderate or Deep Sedation Update3
Monthly Safety Topics2

2012 Topics3

2013 topics13

2014 Safety Topics12

2015 Topics12
Multidisciplinary Education Rounds
NextGen Computer Training1
Nursing Student Pre-Clinical Courses2

2013 Student & Faculty Orientation1

2014 PCO for Nursing Students & Faculty1
Pain Management Series1
Patient Care Orientation8

Inactive or Expired Courses4
Patient Safety Fair Online4
PeriOperative Services5

Perioperative Orientation for New Employees1
Practitioner Training Resources11

2014 Pharmacy Courses26

2015 Pharmacy Courses
POLST and Palliative Care1
RCRMC Institutional Review Board (IRB)1
Resident Physician & Medical Student Orientation1
Sepsis & Rapid Response Team Training2
Stroke Training & Updates8
Surgery and Trauma Services1
Coming Soon6

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